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Action in Support of League Positions

Vote for Water−Support Proposition 6!

LWV-Texas is supporting Proposition 6−the proposed Constitutional amendment that provides a mechanism for financing water projects in the 2012 Texas Water Plan.
Read or Download the Advocacy Paper that provides:

  • Rationale for support of Proposition 6 based on LWV-TX Water Position
  • Explanation of Proposition 6
  • Common questions and answers about Proposition 6

Read or Download the Press Release

Testimony about Vote Centers at Collin County Comissioners Court

On June 17, 2013, LWV CC president Elizabeth Erkel testified at a meeting of the Collin County commissioners about the League position on Vote Centers. See here for more...

Public forum comment in support of Vote Centers

In 2012 LWV offered comments in support of the concept of vote centers at a public hearing held by the Commissioners Court in Collin County (based on the LWVTX position of voting processes)

Public forum about changes in the Juvenile Justice laws

In 2012, State Representative Jerry Madden spoke at a public forum about recent changes in the Juvenile Justice Laws in the State of Texas. Sharon Rowe, elections Administrator for Collin County gave an update on Vote Centers. There were consensus meetings on Privatization of Government Functions, Water as a Commodity, and the Role of the Federal Government in Education.

Public meeting about "Water as a Commodity"

In 2011, the LWV held a public meeting on Water as a Commodity featuring Mary Vogelson, a member of LWV and the region water planning group. Also speaking were Todd Maurina, NTX Groundwater conservation district and a representative from the NTX Municipal Water District.