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Economic Growth in Collin County

Economic Growth (1981, rev. 1997)

The LWV of P/CC believes that Plano and other towns in the county should promote controlled economic growth in order to expand the tax base so that the quality of life can be maintained at a reasonable cost to taxpayers. Towns in the county should actively work to encourage expansion of the tax base in order that businesses, industries, and residents share municipal fiscal responsibilities. However, the change from a primarily residential community to a balanced community needs to be planned carefully and realistically.

The LWV of P/CC advocates:

  • Growth with a focus on human needs while maintaining high standards with regard to the environmental impacts of transportation, water quality, air quality and open space.
  • The development and use of control criteria, which should be formulated through the joint efforts of city government, a citizens' advisory board and business interests. This citizens' advisory board should be composed of a representative cross section of impartial community residents.
  • The criteria should go through a public hearing process including the citizens' advisory board, Planning and Zoning Commission, and City Council public hearings.