Making Democracy Work

Issues We Are Studying

In the League, program planning has a special meaning. This process generates study ideas at the grass roots level and results in adopting one or more studies at a League convention.


Each study group welcomes participation of all members. Please contact Vice President for Programs to express your interest in participating.

LWV-CC Studies for 2016 - 2017

Security of Voting in Collin County

Focus: A study to examine how voting systems work, the integrity of the system, and safeguards against tampering or altering vote-counting mechanisms. Voting systems include electronic voting, military and other absentee ballots, provisional ballots, and online voting.

Scope: Speak to Elections Administrator and the Ballot Board. Briefly describe how each voting system works and what security measures are taken. Some issues to consider for electronic voting:

. Who writes programs
. Background checks on staff
. Whether more than one person is involved in each step
. Independent testing of system
. Storage of system when not in use; integrity in transporting system
. Intrusion deterrent and detection

Quality of Water in Collin County - Forum on February 2

North Texas Municipal Water District

. The Journey of Water video (7 min)
. Water quality reports
. Water fact sheets


. Forum presentation
. 2015 water quality report
. Defend your drains


. Forum presentation

Get Out the Vote (Action)

Modify to work under LWV-TX action program for 2016-2018 as follows:

. Continue presentations on Making Democracy Work and Talking about Voting as part of the LWV-CC Speakers Bureau
. Collaborate with Junior League of Collin County (JLCC) and other organizations to improve voter turnout
. Continue to distribute GOTV wallet cards at LWV-CC events and reprint as needed
. Distribute current supplies of GOTV yard signs and action kits to members

Know Your Government (Action)

Continue encouraging members to visit governmental meetings as part of the LWV-CC Observer Corps.

Review of Current Positions

As time permits during the year, review the LWV-CC positions to determine if the position should be revised or reconsidered.

National LWV Studies

LWV-CC Completed Studies

See the results for previously completed studies. Many of the studies resulted in positions adopted by the League.